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Under 10s / Sam Gold

Under11s / Peter Storey

Under 12s / Damian McGuigan

Under 13s / Ben Moody

Under 14s / Tom Gosling

Under 15s / John Constable


Under 10s / Ben Sinclair

Under 11s / Sebastian Graham

Under 12s / Simon Cust

Under 13s / Tom Barrow

Under 14s / Ben Moody

Under 15s / Jason Melvin-Smith


Under 10's / Andrew Jacks

Under 11's / Ben Sinclair

Under 12's / Sebastian Graham

Under 13's / Brandt Harrison

Under 14's / Damian McGuigan

Under 15's / Ben Moody



Under 10's / Nicolas Lattuada

Under 11's / Daniel Tooth

Under 12's / Ben Sinclair

Under 13's / Sebastian Graham

Under 14's / Andrew Romanin

Under 15's / Damian McGuigan

Colts - Under 16's / Tom Roach

Colts - Under 17's / Luke Heffernan & Tom Gosling


Under 10's / James Presutto

Under 11's / Nicolas Lattuada

Under 12's / Camille Fetherston-Miller

Under 13's / Ben Sinclair

Under 14's / Sam Kolar

Under 15's / Andrew Romanin

Colts / Tom Roach


Under 10's / Thomas Vogel

Under 11's / Sam Cust

Under 12's / Alex Lattuada

Under 13's / Sean Barry

Under 14's / Ben Sinclair

Under 15's / Peter Jenkin

Colts / Tom Barrow



Under 10's / Guy Dickson

Under 11's / Chris Allen

Under 12's / Sam Cust & James Pressuto

Under 13's / Alex Lattuada

Under 14's / Sean Barry

Under 15's / Ben Sinclair

Colts / Peter Jenkin



Under 10's / Tom Cutler

Under 11's / Guy Dickson

Under 12's / Thomas Vogel

Under 13's / Sam Cust & Romie Elbaba

Under 14's / Nick Lattuada

Under 15's / Sean Barry

Colts - Under 16's / Ben Sinclair & Clarence Ho

Colts - Under 17's / Sebastian Graham


Tackers / Jack Silvagni

Under 10's / Marcus Higgins

Under 11's / Tom Cutler

Under 12's / Andy Hodgson

Under 13's / Jackson Hrbek & Jake Hammond

Under 14's / Sam Cust

Under 15's / Alex Lattuada

Colts - Under 16's / John Frattin

Colts - Under 17's / Lachlan Hood


Tackers / Riley Verbi

Under 10's / Dan Houston

Under 11's / Marcus Higgins

Under 12's / Matthew Donnoli

Under 13's / Adam Poulton

GBU Under 14's / Tom Vogel

Under 15's / Sam Cust

Colts / Sean Barry

KGU Colts / Declan Mitchell (Kew JFC)


Tackers / Dion Kapnias

Under 10's / Riley Verbi

Under 11's / Jack Silvagni

Under 12's / Sam Zito

Under 13's / Tom Cutler

Under 14's / Adam Poulton

Under 15's / Tom Vogel & Jackson Hrbek

KGU Colts / Matt Dyson



Tackers 1 / Matthew Presutto

Tackers 2 / Matthew Exell

Under 10's / Nick Kent

Under 11's / Josh Daicos

Under 12's / James Corboy

Under 13's / Nathan Whelan

Under 14's / Tom Cutler

Under 15's / Andy Hodgson

Colts / Jackson Hrbek


Tackers 1 / Matthew Exell

Tackers 2 / Angus Jones

Under 10's / Matthew Presutto

Under 11's / Nick Kent

Under 12's / Riley Verbi

Under 13's / Liam Duffy

Under 14's / Joel Hrbek

Under 15's / Matthew Donnoli

Colts 2 - U16s / Luke Wang

Colts 1 - U17s / Tom Vogel


Tackers 1 / James Brislin

Tackers 2 / Jack Tolley

Under 10's / Matthew Exell

Under 11's / Ben Silvagni

Under 12's / Will Macafee & Chris Kerdemelidis

Under 13's / Seamus Troy

Under 14's / James Corboy

Under 15's Surrey Greythorn Saints / Bailey Jones (Surrey Park JFC)

Colts 2 - U16s / Mathew Vogel

Colts 1 - U17s / Andy Hodgson


Tackers 1 / David Waldron

Tackers 2 / Sam Woods

Under 10's Red / Angus Jones

Under 10's Blue / Mitchell Kane

Under 11's / Matthew Exell

Under 12's / Matthew Presutto

Under 13's / Will Macafee

Under 14's / Peter Mandis

Under 15's  / Christian Thiel 

Colts 2 - U16s (Surrey Greythorn Saints) / Oliver Porceddue & Charlie Summers (Surrey JFC) 
Colts 1 - U17s / Mathew Vogel



Under 10's / David Waldron

Under 11's Blue / Jai Burmeister

Under 11's Red / Angus Jones

Under 12's / Matthew Exell

Under 13's / Matthew Presutto

Under 14's (GDU) / Will Macafee

Colts Blue / Ben Reid 
Colts Red / Ambrose Willett-Fatnowna


Tackers Blue / Tadhg McCarthy

Tackers Red / Ollie Purcell

Under 10's Blue / Sam Woods

Under 10's Red / Kynan Brown

Under 11's / David Waldron

Under 12's / Angus Jones

Under 13's / Darcy Feutrill

Under 15's (GDU) / Chris Kerdemelidis

Colts (GDU)  / Christian Thiel


Under 8's / Joshua Millar

Under 9s Red Team / Will Crane

Under 9's Blue Team / Tom McCarthy

Under 10's / Ollie Purcell

Under 11's Red Team / Keegan Burhop

Under 11's Blue Team / Dex Kelly

Under 12's / David Waldron

Under 13's / Gus Falting

Colts (GDU) / Dion Kapnias


Under 8's / Talan Hooper

Under 9s / Will Hart

Under 10's / Tom McCarthy

Under 11's / Ollie Purcell & Kynan Brown

Under 12's / Keegan Burhop & Sam Woods

Under 14's / Ben Orsini

Colts (GDU) / Will Macafee


Under 8s Blue Team / Florian Gursansky

Under 8's Red Team / Lucas Stackwood Smith

Under 9's / Ryder Brown

Under 10's / Joshua Millar

Under 11's / Tom McCarthy

Under 12's / Ollie Purcell

Under 13's / Sam Woods

Under 15s / Nicholas Samolyk


Under 8s / Tyce Ingram

Under 9's / Florian Gursansky

Under 10's / Jarred Costanzo

Under 11's / Joshua Millar

Under 12's / Tom McCarthy

Under 12 Girls / Mahlia Tarrant

Under 13's (Greythorn/Kew) / Ollie Purcell

Under 14s / Sam Woods

Colts (Greythorn/Kew) / Josh Wise


Under 8s Red / Anthony Louey

Under 8s Blue / Harvey Kane

Under 9's / Tyce Ingram

Under 10's / Florian Gursansky

Under 12s / Will Hart

Under 12 Girls / Amelie Jessop

Under 13's / Akio Wongko

Under 14s / Will Lorenz

Under 15s / Ben Carlisle

Greythorn Falcons Best and Fairest Players

YJFL Best and Fairest Winners


Sam Woods

Under 14 - Blue

Apart from 2015 where he missed almost the entire season with injury, Sam has always been his team's highest achiever. Sam appears to have no fear - he is always in the thick of the action - all over the ground, diving in where others 'fear to tread', amassing huge numbers of possessions. This award follows on from his third placings in 2016 and 2017. In 2019 he was awarded 3rd place B&F. His third placing is remarkable as he only played five full games. The rest of the time he was unavailable due to injuries - yet again. It's anyone's guess what might have been had injuries not intervened.


Ollie Purcell

Under 12 - Brown

Ollie is a genuinely gifted player and has been from the moment he joined us.

Ollie is destined to win many more awards in his career. Our club regards Ollie both with affection for the person he is and with respect for his outstanding ability.


Matthew Exell

Under 10 - Green

A popular figure when he was at our club - very clever and with very little fear.


Tom Cutler

Under 15 - Division 2

Tom was always a remarkable talent and it was no surprise to him win the League award in 2004. Tom went on to bigger and better things and joined the Brisbane Lions AFL team in the 2013 AFL draft. At the end of the 2019 season, Tom departed Brisbane and returned to Melbourne where he became a player with the Essendon Football Club - much to the delight of his family.


Matt Dyson - KGU Colts (Kew Football Club)

Colts - Division 2

When Matt won his award he was a member of our KGU merged team but was actually registered with Kew. The following year however he joined our club as an assistant coach.


Dan Houston

Under 10 - Green

Dan Houston was a standout player even when he started playing with us as a youngster. Dan Houston was selected by Port Adelaide in the 2015 AFL Rookie Draft. Dan's career flourished with 'The Power' and and it wasn't long before he was upgraded to the senior list where he became a permanent member of the senior team.

YJFL Best Player Awards


Brien Laserich / Under 10 Brown - Runner Up


Tom Hooker / Under 14 Brown - Runner Up


Sebastian Graham / Under 11 Green - 3rd B & F

Ben Moody / Under 14 Green - Best & Fairest


Ben Sinclair / Under 11 Green - 3rd B & F

Ben Vitacca / Under 13 Green - 3rd B & F

Ben Moody / Under 15 Sect 2 - Best & Fairest



Alex Lattuada / Under 10 Green - 3rd B & F

Tom Roach / Colts Sect 1 - Best & Fairest


Alex Lattuada / Under 11 Blue - 3rd B & F

Camille Fetherston-Miller / Under 12 Brown - 3rd B & F

Ben Sinclair / Under 13 Green - Runner Up

Sebastian Graham / Under 14 Green - 3rd B & F

Tom Roach / Colts Section 1 - Runner Up


Sam Cust / Under 11 Blue - Best & Fairest

Alex Lattuada / Under 12 Green - Runner Up

Ben Sinclair / Under 14 Brown - Best & Fairest



Herschel Heka / Under 11 Blue - Runner Up

Sam Cust / Under 12 Blue - Runner Up

Sean Barry / Under 14 Brown - Runner Up

Ben Sinclair / Under 15 Sect 1 - Best & Fairest



Guy Dickson / Under 11 Blue - Runner Up

Herschel Heka / Under 12 Green - Runner Up

Sean Barry / Under 15 Sect 3 - Runner Up

Ben Sinclair / Colts Sect 2 - Runner Up


Tom Cutler / Under 11 Blue - 3rd B & F

Adam Poulton / Under 12 Blue - Best & Fairest

Sam Cust / Under 14 Green - Runner Up


Dan Houston / Under 10 Green - Best & Fairest

Sam Cust / Under 15 Sect 2 - 3rd B & F


Jack Silvagni / Under 11 Brown - Runner Up

Matt Dyson (Kew JFC) / Colts Sect 3 - Best & Fairest



Riley Verbi / Under 11 Green - Equal 3rd B & F


Tom Cutler / Under 15 Section 2 - Best & Fairest

Guy Dickson / Colts Sect 4 - Runner Up

Jordan Korfiatis / Under 14 Brown - 3rd B & F


Matthew Exell / Under 10 Green - Best & Fairest


Ben Silvagni / Under 12 Green - Runner Up

Will Macafee / Under 13 Brown - Runner Up



David Waldron / Under 10 Green - 3rd B & F

Matthew Presutto / Under 13 Green - Equal 3rd B & F

Ambrose Willett Fatnowna / Colts Section 1 - Equal 3rd B & F


David Waldron / Under 11 Green - 3rd B & F

Nick Daicos / Under 12 Gold - 3rd B & F

Chris Kerdemelidis / Under 15 Sect 2 - Equal 3rd B & F

James Waldon / Colts Section 2 - 3rd B & F


Eli Taylor / Under 11 Black - 3rd B & F

Jack Spalding / Under 11 Red - 3rd B & F

David Waldron / Under 12 Green - Runner Up

Gus Falting / Under 13 Blue - 3rd B & F

Alex Eden-Lachowicz (Doncaster) / Colts Section 4 - Equal 2nd B & F

Will Macafee (GDU Colts) / Colts Section 4 - Equal 3rd B & F


Ollie Purcell / Under 11 Green - Runner Up

Eli Taylor / Under 12 Blue - Equal 3rd B & F

Sam Woods / Under 12 Blue - Equal 3rd B & F


Ollie Purcell/ Under 12 Brown - Best & Fairest

Sam Woods / Under 13 Blue - 3rd B & F


Sam Woods / Under 14 Blue - Best & Fairest


Akio Wongko / Under 13 Blue - Equal 3rd B & F

Roman Didelis / Under 13 Blue - Equal Runner Up

Sam Woods / Under 15 Section 3 - 3rd B & F

150 Games


Mathew Vogel

Harry Urwin


Dion Kapnias

100 Games


Brennan Lukav

Tom Hooker

Kane Rowe

Tyson Rowe

James Osenaris


Lachlan Taylor

John Constable

Peter Marshall


James Callahan

Michael Ericson

James Osenaris

Tom Roach

Tom Gosling

Tim Silk

Travis Collins

Daniel Day


James Serong

Paul Benger

Paul Pinkney

Ben Moody

Dominic Handford

Harry Melzer

Adam Elzarka

Jack French


Emile Handford

James Peacock

Michael Simon

Tom Barrow

Peter Storey

Matthew Cornwell

Alastair Renshaw



Josh Parker

Chris Cornwell

Sebastian Graham



Sean Barry

Adam Chizzoniti

Michael Chizzoniti

Ben Elzarka

John Frattin

Jeremy Lawson

Bryce Lord

Ben Sinclair

Campbell Wallace


David Anjou

Romie Elbaba

Christopher Meehan

Andrew Patterson

Tom Beale

Bryson Jacks

James Meehan

Michael Price


Sam Cust

Alex Lattuada

Nicolas Lattuada

Phillip Peters

Andrew Price

Jordan Quinert

Torben Stovgaard

Harry Street

Boyd Wilson


Tom Vogel

Christopher Allen

Joe Simon

Stefan Anjou

Jackson Hrbek



Alastair Dickson

Hamish O'Donnell

Tom Sheehan

Harry Urwin

Guy Dickson

Andrew Peters

Jeremy Thiel

Bryce Frattin

Adam Poulton

Charle Urwin 
Matthew Vogel


Tom Cutler

Matthew Donnoli

Marcus Higgins

Andy Hodgson

Will Houston

Dan Houston

Andrew Kennedy

Riley Tempany

Ken Thomas


Patrick Campbell

James Corboy

Tom Corboy

Joel Hrbek

Michael Troy

Xavier Troy


James Bruce

Christian Thiel

Seamus Troy

Liam Duffy

Che Bonini

Brett Cronin

Tristan Damm

Danny Fotinatos

Chris Gilliland

Paul McDonald

Andrew Moorhead

Lance Newton

Jack Silvagni

Vaughan Smith

James Waldon



Nick Troy

Angus Nicholson

Oliver Porceddu

Logan O'Brien

Peter Mandis

Nathan Whelan

Hamish Singh

Dion Kapnias

Ben Corboy

Hans Anjou*

*Played last three games at Surrey Park JFC due to disbandment of Under15s team


Will Macafee

Chris Kerdemelidis


Lucas Donnar

Matthew Walker

Jyedin Williams


Will Day

Gus Falting

Cooper Harvey

James Kyritsis

Dylan Lea 

Harry Rush

Tom Silvagni

Ben Smith

Oliver Spalding


Dusty Gunton

Jay MacKenzie

Nick Samolyk

Mitchell Kane

Aaron Zammit


Ollie Purcell

James Seaton-Nichol

Michael Van benten

Ollie Nelson

David Winstanley

Michael Losinno

Finn Weston

James Savage


Harvey Inglis

Ben Carlisle

Zane Beckter

Jarred Smith

Greg Kerdemelidis

Floyd DiNicolantonio

Liam Jaksch

Hugo Akse

Ben Gale

Tom McCarthy

Joel Richards

Greythorn Falcons Life Members

Harry Prior

Fred Carrington

Terry Keyhoe

Ken Rowley

Peter Balharrie

Bill Hooker

Alan Wilson

Bob Dukadinovski

Findley Cornell

Paul Taylor

Faye Wilson

Rick Serong

Warren Jobson

David Cox

Phil Peacock

Lachlan Taylor

Joan Jobson

Peter Chapman

Ron Irvine

Gordon Dann

Peter Graham

Leigh Cronin

Rino Presutto

Warren Holyoak

Sergio Roverato

Colin Jackson

Tim Cameron

Richard Martin

Stephen Jacks

Lesley Jacks

Ben Elzarka

Justin Urwin

Neale Peters

Sue Cutler

David Allen

Jon Hrbek

Bill Damm

Bill Thiel

Robyn Hrbek

Rainer Vogel

Ian Smith

Mathew Vogel

Harry Urwin

Anne Thiel

Richard Macafee

Jenny Exell

Steve Taylor

Brett Cronin

Ben Corboy 
Joe Losinno

Richard Lindsay

Dan Woods

Glenn Rush

Jenna DiNicolantonio

Frank DiNicolantonio

Ben Savage

Greythorn Falcons Presidents

1976 - 1977 / B. Sneddon

1977 - 1979  / C. Jackson

1980 - 1981  / A. Razums

1982  / Warren Holyoak

1983 - 1984  / Terry Keyhoe

1985 - 1987  / Peter Balharrie

1988 - 1999  / Findley Cornell

1990 - 1992  / Peter Chapman

1993 - 1994  / Bill Hooker

1995 - 1997  / Paul Taylor

1998 - 1999  / Bill Moody

2000  / Paul Taylor and Bill Moody

2001 / Tony Callahan

2002 - 2005 / Peter Graham

2006 - 2008 / Justin Urwin

2009 / James Houston

2010 - 2011 / Bill Damm

2012 / Scott Burmeister

2013 - 2014 / Bill Damm

2015 - 2017 / Joe Losinno

2018 / Matt Purcell


1976 / R. Metcalf and Alan Wilson

1977 - 1978 / G. Scott

1979 - 1981 / C. Millerd

1982 - 1985 / C. F. Cannington

1986 - 1987 / T. R. Gorman

1988 / G. Arnup

1989 - 1991 / E. Jackson

1992 / Bill Hooker

1993 - 1994 / J. Jefferson

1995 - 1996 / K. Farrelly

1997 - 1998 / G. Wall

1999 - 2000 / Tony Callahan

2001 - 2007 / Richard Martin

2008 - 2010 / Leigh Cronin 

2011 / Paul Collins

2012 - 2018 / Richard Martin


Greythorn Falcons Secretaries

Greythorn Falcons History

The Greythorn Football Club existed in many forms for over thirty five years.

A merger of two local teams that played in the Doncaster District JuniorFootball League formed the present club. The Greythorn Balwyn YMCAFootball Club (GBYFC) was formed prior to the 1976 football season after a joint meeting of the Balwyn YMCA Football Club and the Greythorn Football Clubon the 23rd November 1975.

The new team played in Melbourne colours and were known as ‘The Alphabets’.

The original teams were:

  • Balwyn YMCA Football Club, which was formed on or before 1968. This club played at Hislop Park and was based at the YMCA which operated out of what is now known as the Balwyn Leisure Centre.

  • Greythorn Football Club which was formed in 1969 as the Koonung Football Club and first played at Greythorn Park in 1971.

It appears that neither of the clubs were very successful as the Doncaster League was as strong in those days as it is today.

1980 appeared to be a big year for the GBYFC. Firstly there was a name change as the ‘YMCA’ element was replaced by ‘Youth’ due to the closure of the YMCA.Secondly, the club was in a very strong position and was able to field ten teams made up of every age group from under 10 to under 17 together with additional teams in under 11, 13 and 17. Thirdly, the club won its first premierships – in under 11s and under 17s.

In 1987 the club transferred to the Hawthorn District Junior Football Leagueand had to change its colours to the uniform we know today as Surrey Park also played in Melbourne colours. Having to provide complete sets of jumpers for the entire club proved to be a financial strain and was particularly annoying as Surrey Park Juniors folded in the following year. Nevertheless the club was able to get some return when we were able to sell our Melbourne jumpers to Surrey Park when they reformed in 1995.

In 1993 the Committee tired of the lengthy club title and recommended to the annual meeting that the name be changed to the Greythorn Football Club. This change was accepted by the members and ‘Greythorn’ teams took to the field in 1994.

Greythorn, were one of the founding members of the new Yarra Junior Football League which was formed in 1997 from the merger of the Hawthorn and Doncaster Leagues. The YJFL is the largest football League in Australia.

In 1998 the club adopted the nickname of ‘The Falcons’ after being unofficially known as ‘The Thorns’ for many years.

The club celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2000 but sadly were unable to win any premierships to mark the occasion.

The year 2001 saw the formation of our new Colts team (under 17s) who, played their home matches at Gordon Barnard Reserve. The launch of the Colts team was an immense success, with the Colts being promoted to Section 1 after the first four games.

In 2006, Greythorn finally introduced a 'Tackers' team into the mix and for the first time were able to offer a complete array of teams to local footballers.

On the administration side, the Falcons gained Football Victoria endorsement as a 'Quality Club' - bronze in 2005. This endorsement was upgraded to Silver level in 2006 with hopes to go the final step to Gold in the following years. Very few football clubs in Victoria have been able to gain endorsement and it speaks highly of our performance on the organisational side of our business.

Whilst our club has always fielded competitive teams, we were unable to win any premierships after 1998 until 2006 when we finally broke the drought with the success of our Under 11 team - ably coached by 'Coach of the Year' Neale Peters and our Under 14s under the guidance of Collingwood legend Peter Daicos and John Dinicolantonio .

t seems our club has finally got the knack of winning premierships. The wonderful efforts of our Under 11 and Under 14 teams in 2006 were followed in 2007 by ourmagnificent U10s who went through the entire season without losing a single game and who then continued on their winning way in 2008 to make it back to back premierships. This team under the guidance of coach Bill Thielboasted a number of exceptional players two of whom are currently playing in the AFL - Refer AFL Falcons

Further success followed for out Colts 2 team in 2010 and our magnificent Under 11s under the guidance of Carlton champion Stephen Silvagni (SOS) in 2011.

In 2013 we celebrated our first ever Gold premiership in the YJFL when our magnificent Under 11s Gold team completed a fantastic year by winning the Grand Final after heading their ladder for the entire season.

2015 was another successful premiership year. Although we fielded less teams than in previous seasons we were still able to bag a couple of flags - this time it was the U13s and our GDU Colts combined team .

The success continued in 2016 with the Under 11s winning the Green Division flag in their first year of competitive premiership footy. This team boasted a number of very capable players and although their success places them in a higher division, the club is confident that they will achieve further success.


2017 saw the previous year's U11s premiers do the same thing again - this time as Under 12s, and to really make it a special day, they were joined by theUnder 13s who finally broke through after some disappointments in previous seasons.

The success enjoyed by the Under 12s will see them promoted to Gold divisionin 2018 where we are confident they will aquit themselves really well.


Many thanks to life member Bill Hooker for his research and input for this summary

Falcons in the AFL

All junior football clubs exist primarily to provide an avenue for the young footballers in their area to have the chance to play football in a properly structured atmosphere.

At the same time, most clubs devote considerable resources to the development of their players and to assisting them to be the very best players that they can be.

Our club is no different and we derive enormous pleasure watching our players grow to become successful footballers.

Very occasionally we are fortunate to have a player or two in our ranks who are exceptionally talented and who go on to play football at the highest possible level - in The Australian Football League or the VFL.

Players from our club who have reached the pinnacle in their development at a senior AFL or VFL club include:

Andrew Schauble - Collingwood & Sydney

Cayden Beetham - St Kilda

Tom Roach - Richmond, North Ballarat, Swan Districts

Tom Hooker - Collingwood (Rookie), Port Melbourne

Sam Cust - Box Hill Hawks

Currently, there are three players in the AFL who played all of their junior footy with our club and another two whose early careers were with us. We have, and will continue to follow their exploits with a great deal of interest.

One them - Tom Cutler , is in his sixth year with the Brisbane Lions whilst the other two - Jack Silvagni and Dan Houston are commencing their fourth years. Our fourth AFL player - Josh Daicos has just completed his second year with the Pies and our most recent draftee - Ben Silvagni is about to start his first year with the Blues.

Tom Cutler

Brisbane Lions Football Club

Essendon Football Club

Tom is in his sixth season with the Brisbane Lions and has really started to 'come of age' as an AFL footballer.

Unfortunately, Tom has had a less than perfect run with injuries at the start of his time with the Lions but all that seemingly is behind him now and he has enjoyed several years - virtually injury free.

After playing all of his junior footy on the forward line, Tom has became a permanent fixture on Brisbane's backline although his role is generally a running one.

Ever since started with Brisbane, Tom's progress was one of slowly but surely. He is now a mature AFL footballer.

At the end of the 2019 season Tom sought a return to Melbourne and was fortunate enough to be able to join the Essendon Football Club where he will continue his AFL career.

In a lot of ways, Toms style of footy is probably more suited to the way that Essendon play rather than the way that Brisbane do and consequently we are confident that Toms transfer to the Bombers will be a successful one.

Jack Slilvagni

Carlton Football Club

Jack is about to begin his his fourth year with the Blues and will be joined by brother Ben.

After playing his first senior game against Collingwood on the 2nd July in 2016, Jack has become an automatic selection each week and can be expected to build on what he started three years ago.

Jack has a heritage that can be both a blessing and a curse. The good part of it is that he has clearly inherited the talents of his father and grandfather but the disadvantage is that everyone expects him to be a champion. That sort of expectation can be hard to live up to. Nevertheless, we can be absolutely sure that Jack will give it his best shot.

His youngest brother - Tom plays for our Colts and has become one of his team's principal players.

Well done Jack. The first year is out of the way and it's time to show the world just what you can do. We have seen it many times but now everyone else needs to.

In Round 13 2017, Jack was nominated as the AFL Rising Star for that week. Our club congratulates him on his nomination.

Refer article reproduced from

Dan Houston

Port Adelaide Football Club

Dan's story is a mini 'Triumph over Adversity' one.

After missing selection in the 2016 AFL National Draft, Dan was selected as a 'Rookie' by Port Adelaide. Whilst not quite as good as being selected in the National draft, it nevertheless isn't a bad second.

Determined to advance his career beyond the Rookie stage, Dan began his career full of determination only to be struck down by a fairly serious injury just prior to the start of the 2016 season.

The result was that Dan missed all the footy part of his club's pre-season and was expected to return to football in SANFL fairly quietly.

Dan being Dan, that of course didn't happen and Dan played pretty well - being named amongst his team's best and kicking two goals.

Dan played out the year in Port's SANFL team - mainly on the forward line and whilst he performed pretty well, it wasn't until Port decided to try him on the backline that he 'came of age.'

Dan's performances playing off half back in the AFL pre-season competition in 2017 were ones to make everyone sit up and take notice. The result of which has been a promotion to the senior list.

In 2017 Dan was selected in the senior team for the first game and remained there for the entire season.

Dan is now definitely among his club's best 22 and recently signed a contract extension that will keep him tied to the Power until at least the end of the 2022 season.

Our club extends its best wishes to Dan and trusts that his career with Port will be enjoyable and successful.

In Round 21, Dan was nominated as the AFL Rising Star for that week. Our club congratulates him on his nomination.

Josh Daicos

Collingwood Football Club

Whilst Josh doesn't have quite the length of service with us as the guys mentioned above, he is nevertheless, a former Falcon.

Josh commenced playing with us in the Tackers and was a prominent member of his group up to and including the Under 12s.

After the Under 12s he left us to play in a more competitive competition.

Everyone would be aware that Josh is the eldest son of former Magpie champion Peter and even in his younger days it was evident that he had inherited some of his dad's 'magic.'

Josh was a 'Father & Son' selection by Collingwood in the 2016 AFL draft.

Upon his selection he was immediately thrust into service - training at the Westpac Centre.

We wish Josh well in his endeavours with the Pies and trust it won't be too long before he is a regular member of the senior team.

Collingwood fans will be delighted to learn that Josh has a younger brother - Nick, who is just as skilful.

Ben Slilvagni

Carlton Football Club

Like Josh Daicos, Ben doesn't have quite the length of service with us as the first three named above although the circumstances that shortened his Falcons career were definitely beyond his control.

Ben commenced playing with us in the Tackers and was a prominent member of his group up to and including the Under 13s.

Unfortunately, when Ben was ready and able to continue his career in the Under 14s we found ourselves without a team for him to be a member of - such are the vagaries of junior footy.

Ben now joins his brother Jack as a member of the Blues club and like his brother has that same heritage that can be both a blessing and a curse.

Ben has enormous talent and to date has mainly played as a reliable defender although as everyone knows, where a player plays his footy in younger days means absolutely nothing when it comes to the AFL.

His youngest brother - Tom plays for our Colts and has become one of his team's principal players.

The Silvagni name has long been associated with Carlton - since the 1960's in fact, but this will be the first time that two brothers bearing the name will be playing together. (Alex Silvagni is not a family member).

Well done Ben, we are sure it won't be very long before you run on to field alongside Jack.

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