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Balwyn Tigers Umpire Academy

Updated: Feb 21

Led by Marcus O'Donohue (30+ years of field umpiring), the Balwyn Tigers are offering a pathway for the Tigers community (past and present players as well as siblings) to get involved in umpiring.

We are recruiting

  1. umpires for Balwyn Tigers home games in Under 8s, 9s and 10s (Level 1)

  2. umpires for the YJFL home and away season (Level 2)

Aim of the Program

  • Introduce current and former players to umpiring.

  • Stay involved or increase involvement in the game.

  • Introduce and train young umpires in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Support Tigers players who want to try umpiring.

  • Support Tigers former players who want to pursue umpiring.

  • Provide a pathway for the recruitment of YJFL/VAFA umpires.

Why Umpire?

  • Umpiring is a great way to get fit, build up speed and endurance.

  • Football umpiring pays better than any other sport.

  • YJFL umpiring provides a great social outlet.

  • Umpiring is challenging and enhances personal communication skills.

  • Great for self-confidence and building resilience.

When and where will I umpire?

For Club umpires, Sunday mornings at junior home games only.

For YJFL umpires, Sunday morning or afternoon at a variety of grounds.

Match appointments are dependent on umpiring ability, experience and age.  New/young umpires will not be appointed to older age groups until considered ready. 

What if I play? Can I still umpire?  What about training?

Yes, you will always be appointed to games that do not have a time clash with your Tigers game. Training will be at Balwyn Park starting Monday 26 February, aligned with the YJFL, and run for one hour.  

Do I get paid?

Yes, it is the best pocket money going around, see fee schedule set out below.  

Is there a cost?

For attending the Academy, no. 

There will be a personal investment in an umpiring uniform for those umpiring in the YJFL, comprising shirt, shorts and socks, and an approved whistle. The approximate cost of a uniform and whistle is $125. Uniform is purchased through the YJFL once registered.

Will you teach me how to umpire?

Yes. Full instruction and coaching will be provided. Umpire coaching will be led by Marcus O'Donohue (over 30 years in Field Umpiring experience).

Will I be supported in a safe environment?

Yes, at Tigers we adopt a zero-tolerance policy to any abuse to umpires from players, coaches or spectators. We comply with all applicable child safe policies. We have a club child safety officer. The YJFL have matching policies to protect YJFL umpires and a strong commitment to providing a safe environment at training and games.

Who can join?

The Academy is open to:

•      Tigers registered players, boys and girls

•      Brothers and sisters of Tigers players

•      Former Tigers players who want to try out umpiring

How do I sign up?

Parent or guardian to approve your involvement and commitment as there will be Sunday commitments that could involve them driving you to a game and pickup afterward.  It may not always be possible to make your own way to a game or get a ride with another umpire.   

Once approved, complete the form link below to register your expression of interest, including email and phone number, DOB of umpire and consent.  If you play for a Tigers team, tell us which team it is.


Umpiring Academy Pathway

 Level 1

•      Umpire aged 14+ with no previous umpiring experience

•      Umpire 14 years or older who want to be as a Tigers club umpire

•      Will be inducted and provided instruction to umpire under 8's, 9's and 10's.

•      Will officiate as a Tigers club umpire

•      Will umpire home games only at Balwyn Park or Gordon Barnard Reserve

•      Will be paid by Balwyn Tigers as per Tigers’ club umpire rates below

•      Will be provided coaching and mentoring by Tigers umpire coach


Level 2

•      Umpire 14 years or older who wants to be a YJFL field umpire

•      Will be inducted and coached how to umpire all age levels from under 11 up.

•      Will register with the YJFL and officiate as a YJFL umpire

•      Will be paid by the YJFL as per their approved rates

•      Open to registered players who want to play and umpire

•      Open to anyone else who just wants to umpire and not play

•      Compulsory umpire training session one night a week

• Will be provided coaching by YJFL and mentoring by Tigers

Balwyn Tigers Club Umpire rates 2024



Under 8s


Under 9s


Under 10s


YJFL Umpire rates 2024


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